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Related post: Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 01:44:04 EDT From: RedneckCubaol.com Subject: Randy And Me"Randy and me" by Redneck Cub Copyright 2002 All Rights reservedNote: The following is a work of fiction. In the real world, ALWAYS practice safe sex. The following involves descriptions of man-to man sex. If you are a minor, or are offended by same sex erotica,do not continue. All constructive criticism can be sent to "redneckcubaol.com" as this is my first attempt at an erotic tale. All other criticism can be sent to your toilet. Randy and poser 7 models Me I had seen him come into the store before, so often in fact that I would occasionally speak singapore lingerie model to him as he came european teen model through my check- out line in the Garden Center. Of course, I saw lots of faces that I recognized, and recognized me. They were still total strangers, just like him. I guessed he was about 6'2,210-220lbs. with biz teens models shaggy brown hair, a thick goatee and glasses framing baby-blue eyes. And he was built like a brick outhouse. pretee model Not bad for a guy in his late 30's. I couldn't help but stare at that firm, meaty butt as he left, but gay cock model didn't place too much importance in it. After all, lotsa fine men walk through here gigi models every day. chubby model thumbs unerage models Of course, none did metal models what he did one Friday pedo teens models evening. I was watering plants that night,as we had a surplus of help for russian tank model once, when nn charming models HE came up to me. I was so nervous that it was all I young cutiesmodel could do to keep my hand from shaking too badly as he asked me in a deep baritone "Can you help me for a minute?" After nearly soaking both of us with the hose while I tried to turn it off, he explained to me that he had recently moved into a new (to him) house, which was in VERY bad need of help. He had done most everything except the landscaping, child models cute as designing was pretty much beyond him. "Oh, before I forget, name's Randall, but everyone calls me Randy. Now, model teen tiffany I have a basic sketch of my house here, but I need ideas. Whatcha got for me?" The next 45 minutes were a blur. I vaguely remember showing him plants and stoneware, drawing up some rough outlines for natural areas and a rose bed. I seem to recall him spending cash like it wasn't a problem, though hydemodel bikini geocities I honestly don't remember, as model nude skye it was about dariya model then that I noticed the dark slacks and grey t-shirt of a fireman. I DO remember praying that I didn't cream in my shorts, when teenmodels sandra all of a sudden Randy asked me an odd question. "What are you doing tomorrow? stunning nude models I could sure use some help putting this all out. I'll even pay you, double what you'd make here. Come on, whatcha kids porn models say?" Let's see, hmm, hot imodels summer day, hotter man, really xxx pre models good honest pay. Did I even think twice? No. I told Randy I would be there bright and early, and he gave me directions preeteen best models to his house. When I got there at 7:30a.m Randy was waiting for me on the front steps in a pair of cut offs and a fashion model directory tank top that barely covered a massive chest complete with dark auburn fur. This was going to be SOME day. As I drank my java, I got preteem models nuede the grand tour of Randy's pad. It wasn't a big mansion, but it had fresh paint and a wrap around porch. In the back was a brand new hot tub that the confided wasn't part of the original house, but after a grueling day saving lives, it Busty blowjob models was nice to take the edge off the pain with a relaxing soak. One day, he said, he might have a hot tub party to really break it in, but for now. And with that note, we got right to work. Now, I'm not a gym rat by any means, but I have done hard work in my day. However, I was sweating my butt off by midday, and so had Randy. Earlier on we had both stripped down to just amateur gstring models workboots and cutoffs, but by lunch break, I was tiring out. I wasn't about to tell Randy that. I wouldn't want to young model pedo miss youngporn model names the way the sweat had rolled down his face and from under his huge arms to matt his hairy chest. What I wouldn't have given to have fur like that. Dusk came around and boy was I ready. My whole body ached like it does from a really good workout, sweat was pouring off of me, and I was so horny that I could have come in my pants with little effort. Randy was soaked himself, his auburn hair matted down, sweat trickling into his cutoffs, his huge muscles standing out so well, nymph model that I grunted my appreciation. "You ok, Mike? That sounded bad." "Nah, man, just a little sore is all." Randy just laughed and slapped me on the back. "Hey, a little hard work sixties teen models is good for ya. little angels modeling I can take care of that for you. A naked beauty models nice soak in the hot tub barely legal models and you won't even remember you were ever sore at all." I tried to tell him I hadn't brought a suit, and he just laughed even harder. "Hell, boy, we're both men. You don't need a suit. The analysis model tubs already cranked up, so come on. I aint about to take no for an answer." And with that he put his big burly arm around my nude supermodel wallpaper modeling pree teen shoulders and guided me towards the hot tub. I human 3d models will nude models underwear admit, I have never really zelda teen model had much problem dropping my pants before, but I turned five shades of red as child models pedo I dropped my shorts and stepped into the hot tub. I little models freepics had to move kiddy models nn quickly before I got completely hard. I have to admit, those jets did wonders for me as I slid forward on the bench max models biz and kicked back. Randy fiddled with the controls and then turned kay teen model to me and said "See, now that wasn't so hard, now was it?" and gave me a little wink as he went back inside for drinks. Surely I had misinterpreted that. No teen models jpeg way could someone like that.nah, I am losing it, I thought. I looked around. He had a nice patio and patio pre models sex furniture as well as a large swimming pool, with a couple of those loungechairs, presumably for sunbathing since there were beach towels on the chairs and several on the table. I knew he had money but wow. Hard work does pay off, I guess. When Randy came back, he had a cooler of beer in tow. His shorts dropped to the ground as he turned to get the beer, and I got my first look buxom teen models at those perfect mounds of flesh, so firm you could have bounced a quarter off of them, with a light dusting of his auburn fur, which got thicker as it wound into the crack towards glory and shot down his legs. He was sure taking his time finding beer in that cooler I thought, but as soon as I did, he straightened up and turned to hand me a beer and climbed inside. His cock was so beautiful, even soft, and I couldn't help but stare. It had to have been about 6 inches long, and boy model nude it was perfectly soft. His balls were the size of eggs surrounded by a thick gingery bush of pubic hair. I guess I WAS staring because all of a sudden Randy cleared his throat, and I began to blush again. "Don't let it bother ya. Ol' Junior always got stares in the locker rooms at school. I figured you wouldn't mind if charming nn models I joined you, but I didn't think I'd get such a warm reception." I looked down to see my 7 inch tool was at attention, and started stuttering, until I saw him smile warmly and nudist modeling slide over to me. His cock was growing, the same light pink, but damn if it dint turn out to be about 10 inches! Holy Shit! It wasn't QUITE as thick as my wrist but big enough to some damage if. A strong paw on my dick jolted me out of daydreaming, for what would be the last time. The man of my dreams was stroking me off, and I moaned out loud. Despite the heat, I shivered, and Randy just laughed that rich laugh of his and said "Now that's what nn young model I call eager. Don't stop now son, the party's just warming up." And with that, he stopped stimulating me and gave me a big bear hug. I could still range rover model smell the sweat, feel him rubbing his man scent all over model lesley young me as young preeteens models we kissed passionately. His paws wandered down my back to my furry little ass and lola models teen he clenched it e business models tightly in his grip. My dick was leaking precum like a faucet, and his toolwas poking my belly. I pulled back, gasping for air, only to find a wicked tiny angles models model pics naked gleam in his eye. I could still smell him on me and for some reason, I LOVED it. I was horny as hell and I sank to my knees and dove for crush teen models his throbbing meat, determined to show this god how much I appreciated him I swallowed the big nelemodel net mushroom head and worked my tongue around its rim and into the piss slit. Bingo, I thought as he rumbled his nn models 100 pleasure, and I attempted to take more of him into my throat. I won't sexy legs models lie, it was difficult, and I only succeeded in taking a few more inches inside my ls models preten mouth, but it seemed to be ok. Evidently he was used to this. I toyed with his massive balls, tugging ever so gently latina model wallpaper as I caressed his dick young models wrestling with my throat muscles and he began playing with my hair. I increased my speed, determined to make aaron carter model my mountain of man shoot his load, but suddenly, he pulled completely out little mexican models of me, the lust in his eyes clearly ge model jgsp28bekbb evident. "Hold on there baby, I ain't ready just yet. Just lean back and let me have some fun for awhile. You're my guest, and tonight's gonna be YOUR night." Oh boy! I leaned back over the edge and he began to massage my pectorals, running his pornstar model hands down my smooth belly to my hips, and then he began sucking my nipples. I was in heaven. I threw tiny croats models my head back and moaned louder. When he took my dick in his mouth, his goatee brushing my pubes, I began to whimper like a lost puppy. You know, until then I jessi model 14 didn't know you could chuckle with a crazy preeteen models mouth full of man meat but I now know better. His suction was unlike anything I had ever had and he took me to the arm wrestling models edge in seconds. "I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come, dammit." And I screamed out my pleasure as I shot deep into his throat once, twice, three times before collapsing right there. Randy just billy piper model sat there licking his lips. He nude teenn model didn't talk a whole lot, but that was ok. Actions speak louder than words anyway. He began to massage my shoulders and I must have dozed off for a minute, because the next thing I know, there was a thick finger at my back preten nakid modeles door and I heard the squirt of what japenese bikini models bondage model agency I can only assume was lube. One thick digit worked its way in, then two. At three I began to grunt uncomfortably and my dick began to rebekah teen model shrivel, but Randy was gentle and patient. He rested his head on my flat belly and began licking my navel, and soon I had relaxed enough for his third finger. As he maneuvered me around so that he was sitting on the bench, keeping all three fingers stretching my sphincter muscles, I thought little nymph model to myself models german young that this would never work. Sure enough, the big mushroom head on that cock caused me some serious pain. But my hero heard my whimpers of discomfort and saw the tears welling up, and didn't force anymore inside, but just held me there in those strong arms, and kissed my tears away. kids panty models Before long, I had him inside me, without even nonude models jr realizing he had done it. "Take it easy. Don't try to nude japanese models take it all at once, and it'll be ok." I gritted my teeth and took him inch by inch. Randy's model nudist child words of encouragement, and his manly musk, kept me going, and soon, I was riding him like a pro, taking him all the way and bracing myself against those massive pecs to push myself off. But Randy had other ideas. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he grabbed my hips and stood up, pulling himself deeper into me than I would have thought he could go. Sliding to the edge of the tub on his ass, he eased brilliant brunettes models himself onto the lawn, feet first. I had model top 100 always dreamed about this but never met a man new model army strong enough to do it. He held me against him as he walked around the yard, each step sending his monster cock up against my prostate and eliciting moans of pleasure from me. I had never known that sex with a man could be like this. I began pinching and twisting ali torres model his nipples, making HIM moan, and he began to slam me onto his cock with greater ferocity as he headed towards a lounge chair. No sooner did he set us down than my cock began spurting white vladmodels movie thumbs hot lava between our chests. My back arched and I yelled my triumph. My ass clamped down on his bulbous cockhead and he went nuts. Muscles lili model I didn't know existed flared into life as that perfect ass thrust him into me like a machine gun. Sweat began pouring off of him again, and he shook his head, redhead bikini models drenching us both in his warm fragrance. All of a sudden he grabbed my hips tightly and thrust deeper than ever into me. He roared, literally, as my insides were filled with his gushing trrn nn models magma. What felt like gallons of cum warmed my body from the inside out as he rolled us over so that blowjob models I was resting on top. As I buried my face in his chest fur, he grabbed a beach towel and draped it over us. "I small model tgp guess you'll be staying over, model russian young huh Mike?" As I fell asleep in my man's strong kid models naked arms, I tweaked his nose and mumbled "you can't get rid of me that easy. And now I know why they call you "Randy"."
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